BTE: As You Like It

Shakespeare’s As You Like It is a beguiling comedy in which a smart and spirited young girl, disguised as a boy and on the run from a tyrannical duke, finds herself in an enchanting forest in the company of her fiercely loyal best friend, a world-weary clown, a heart-sick shepherd and a disdainful shepherdess, a band of exiled upper-crust gents who all imagine themselves to be Robin Hoods, and wonder of wonders, her own true love– another runaway, who has festooned the forest with love-poems in her honor. But danger lurks in the shadows of these sun-dappled woods, and true love must be tested, so she must remain in disguise, and he can’t know it’s she! Romantic mayhem ensues: gender-benders, power struggles, witty barbs, and above all, love– in all its marvelous, confounding variety. This fantastical forest is full of surprises!

BTE’s streamlined adaptation will feature an onstage indie-rock band, local teen musicians whose music is inspired by Shakespeare’s poetry and story.

Bring your class to one of our free Project Discovery student matinees. Free to high school students in the IU #16. Visit the Project Discovery page for details.

UPGRADE to ON STAGE SEATING for free. Contact the Box Office for details. (570) 784-8181 or

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4 thoughts on “BTE: As You Like It

  • January 24, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    I just had the pleasure of taking the press shots of today’s dress rehearsal and this production is a must see. We have some very talented folks in Bloomsburg!

      • January 24, 2013 at 6:07 pm

        You need to ask them if you can use them first but I don’t see them saying no! I will have them ready by tomorrow around noon. Shooting with no flash means mucho editing.


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