Weather Won’t be a Turkey this Thanksgiving Week

Everyone knows the song “Over the River and Through the Woods”, the classic Thanksgiving song that tells a tale of traveling through snow to grandma’s house for the big feast. Nice to think about, unless you actually have to travel to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving – snow is the last thing you need.

Fortunately, at least in the Bloomsburg area, there’s not much chance for snow this Thanksgiving week. There will be rain – showers spread into Pennsylvania on Monday but a stronger storm system brings the potential for some heavier rain late Tuesday into Wednesday. Temperatures during this time should be mild, with highs around 50 and lows in the 40s as cloud cover will keep the temperatures from falling too much.

However, a cold front will cross the state and bring in some colder weather for later Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day, with highs in the 40s. A few snowflakes could mix in Wednesday before the rain ends, but Thanksgiving Day should be dry. Dry weather will rule until the other major travel day of Thanksgiving, Sunday, when a storm could bring rain. Temperatures will moderate after Thanksgiving with highs returning to the 50s for Black Friday into the rest of the weekend.

Not many travel headaches locally, but what about nationwide for those heading elsewhere, or having relatives coming to Bloomsburg? For Monday and Tuesday, trouble spots include severe thunderstorms over the southern Plains, rain in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, and rain/snow in the Pacific Northwest. Any of these could bring airport delays.

Wednesday, the storm that gives us rain will bring rain to much of the East Coast, with snow possible in northern New England and thunderstorms in the Southeast. Windy weather will hit the Rockies and windy/wet weather will continue in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanksgiving Day looks mainly dry except the Pacific Northwest and West Coast, and New England. But overall, a very nice day nationwide. Black Friday forecasts should make retailers happy as outside of the Rockies, little troublesome weather is expected. Looking ahead to next weekend, the nation’s mid-section may be dealing with a storm system, but that’s a week away and much could change in the forecast.

So, overall, it looks like after some rain early-mid week, Bloomsburg residents will have some nice, seasonal weather for Thanksgiving and a great post-Thanksgiving weekend.

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