A Flood of Silence is an ongoing series of digital stories from those personally affected by the 2011 flood in Bloomsburg, PA.  The second vignette being released today is titled, “This Is Our Land.”

This scene features Isabel Tarr, an East 9th Street resident, who has lived in Bloomsburg her entire life. We met Isabel walking on 9th Street and after explaining what we were doing, she was more than happy to share her thoughts and her story.

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11 thoughts on “A Flood of Silence: Isabel Tarr

    1. I know what its like because I live in Fernville.
      I was lucky this time, in the 2006 flood my Mother
      and I were womndering the same thing. People are always saying why don`t you move, they don`t realize
      what a home means to us older people. I just turned 69 I graduted in 1960 from Bloom, My home has been in my family over 60 years, that is 60 years of memories of marriges, funerals and a house full of
      love. You acumulate a lot of things, most of which you will never have again. At our age we already
      have our homes paid for, just where are we off
      retirement going to have the money to start over,
      most of us don`t want to go through it all again,
      I really my home, and love this area.

  1. Sorry my first comment was related to the Doubt article. However, as I listened to this video I am so so sad for her. I can hear that she is heart broken and obviously needs some counsel on what to do with her home repairs. I hope individuals who read this and have knowledge in this area will contact her with some advice. I will try to stop by there tomorrow and talk with her…. so very sad.

  2. There are so many of us in this same situation! Please keep a close eye on your loved ones who have flooded, depression is on the rise!

  3. Ms. Tarr lives on EAST 9th Street. Not west 9th. An important distinction, especially when she talks about the possibility of the a levee system on the west end of town.

      1. This a very powerful message from an extremely strong individual I will assure as someone who knows her is coping extremely well with a very difficult situation. Cole, I like what you are doing very much.

  4. My heart breaks for you, Isabel. When I think of how far back our friendship goes, it saddens me that you would have to endure such harship…and so many others as well. I was hoping to see you at the picnic, and look forward to seeing you sometime in the future. Prayers are all I can offer. Love ya’, Linda

  5. I am amazed that after the traumatizing events that have surrounded this town AND after this video that people are NOT jumping on to say how can I do more for this person? How can I get in contact with her to see what she needs RIGHT NOW? I am sure there are many other devastating stories but the nakedness of her pride and truth at this time make me want to help HER. I want to do everything I can to help her get where she needs to be. I guess I can take the extra step to possibly contact Agape and maybe they have her information… that’s on my list of top things to do tomorrow.

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