Rep. Millard Works To Streamline Flood Relief

State Representative David Millard held a public meeting at the request of the residents of Fernville on the evening of October 20th, 2011. With the discussion revolving around the uncertainty of when and how Fernville residents would receive funds for the repair or acquisition of their damaged properties, Rep. Millard assured those in attendance that their well-being and care are his primary concern.

“This event was of such a magnitude, that we need to take people out of harm’s way,” Rep. Millard stated. “I want to facilitate that.”

Most of the residents in attendance reported receiving varying information from local, state, or federal government offices, creating much confusion.

Anticipating the uncertainty, Rep. Millard requested and received from Congressman Lou Barletta the “boiler plate forms” for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program that all residents of the 109th District who wish to apply for disaster relief should use.

Rep. Millard emphasized that while these forms can be submitted to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency as indicated, his office is able and more than willing to accept these applications on the State’s behalf.

Submitting these forms directly to Rep. Millard’s office will help him in advocating in the General Assembly for sufficient disaster relief funds to be directed to the local area.

Rep. Millard also wishes to remind local residents that when submitting this information, they should include with the forms the most recent 2011 assessed value of their properties, not values that may have been assessed for similar relief in 2006. Also, a recent picture of the property should be included.

Links to Downloadable copies of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Pre-Application Form distributed by Rep. Millard and a FEMA Factsheet

Rep. Millard’s District Offices Contact Information

Website: PA State Representative David Millard

Bloomsburg Office, MOVED TEMPORARILY TO:
Bloomsburg Tech Center
240 Market St.
Bloomsburg PA, 17815

TOLL-FREE 855-282-0615
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FAX: (570) 387-4288

Saundra Robbins
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Berwick Office
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Berwick PA, 18603

(570) 759-8734
FAX: (570) 759-4527

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