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Meeting adjourned

7:50 Public Works Committee. Approval of payment to Petters consultant approved by voice vote. HRC for the Town Park improvement as well as the Streater property. Motions passed by unanimous voice vote.

7:49 Mr. Helbok asks about precedent for waiving fees. Mayor Knorr responds that it was done for the West Main St. Fire and was done to encourage redevelopment. Mr. Helbok responded that if the town did that it would encourage people to rebuild in flood zone.

7:47 Claude Renninger asks if there are third party agencies that do this work on behalf of the town. Might be a different consideration for work down by Town as opposed to those done by third parties.

7:43 Mr. Fegley reports that at present permits are being issued but fees are currently on hold (not waived). Carol Mas reports the FEMA will not reimburse for Building permit fees, but there is uncertainty about whether other fees will be reimbursed

7:39 Mr. Trump again speaks against the charging of fees. Mayor Knorr emphasizes that these are not new fees and are fair since they are the regular fees associated with such damage.

7:37 Ed Fegley, suggests a compromise of a reduced fee. Thinks that repairs for a typical house reapirs (no records of 2006 flood) would cost around $15,000 meaning fees of around $150 per house.

7:36 Fred Trump, Iron St.: Speaks against fees for flood damaged properties. Thinks that it is wrong that these fees be charged, especially to the poor and elderly.

7:35 Oren Helbok, 5th Street resident, speaks against waiving fees. “Would council waive fees if my house burned down? Fees go toward making sure the job is done well

7:35 Mayor Knorr wondering about where the cost will be recovered if fees waived

7:34 Council Member Kinney speaks in favor of waiving fees for flod damaged properties.

7:33 Fegley is recommending that permits still be applied for, but wants council input on fees.

7:32 Ed Fegley reporting on fees for Code Enforcement

7:32 Payment to Press Enterprise in the amount of $10,000 for advertising approved.

7:31 Payments made to First Columbia Bank and trust for Police Pension plan.

7:29 Minutes of last meeting approved.

7:28 Veterans Day parade has been moved to 10AM with ceremonies being held in the town square because of conditions at the Town Park

7:28 Oktoberfest will be held on Nov. 19th at the Moose Exchange. Event was postponed to this date because of the flood.

7:27 Budget meeting planned for November 7th at 5:30 pm. Items should be submitted for budget draft by end of this week.

7:26 Knorr: Will be more information on the Hazard Mitigation program presented at the next meeting.

7:25 Mayor Knorr. Adoption of Resolution #10241101. Resolution approved without objection with voice vote

7:23 All development in the area will be away from the excavated site.

7:22 Presentation by Bill Lowthert, 1993 BU Anthropology Graduate, and Dr. Susan Dauria.

7:20 Area around Streater Farm was probably a site for a permanent settlement

7:19 University and middle school student mapped location of all finds for both themselves and the Town

7:18 Larger stone tools were found as well, possibly axes or hoes.

7:18 Among the artifacts found were Native American stone arrowheads, estimated to be several thousand years old.

7:17 Test pits were dug and dirt screened for artifacts.

7:16 Event was publicized by the Press Enterprise.

7:14 3 BU students supervised the entire event for middle-school aged kids.

7:13 Last day of dig was an open house for the public. Attended by BU President.

7:12 Presentation on Streeter Archeological site organized by BU QUEST, a leadership experience run by BU students for children aged 10-16.

7:10 Motion to submitted to accept quotes and passed unanimously.

7:08 Council Member Kinney moved quotes be submitted, Seconded by Council Member Costa.

7:06 Citizens to be heard. Mr. Deihl on repair of slate roof. Estimate was received this morning. Estimate from Zimmermans was $21,000 alternate bid was $12,000

7:05: Mayor Knorr reads Proclamation naming November 2011 Homecare and Hospice Month presented to members of Columbia Montour Home Health and Hospice

7:03 Proclamation for Homecare and Hospice month.

7:00 Meeting called to order.

6:50 Almost completely set up and waiting for the meeting to begin at 7:00

The Bloomsburg Town Council will meet Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the Bloomsburg Town Hall in its regular biweekly session.

Refresh this page in your web browser, beginning at 7:00pm on Monday, Oct. 24th to follow the Council meeting live.

Beginning at 7:00 PM on Monday, October 24 The Bloomsburg Daily will Live Stream this evening’s meeting of the Bloomsburg Town Council. Refresh this space at that time for the live video coverage.

The tentative agenda includes:

  • A summary of archeological activity at the Streater site by Dr. Susan Dauria and Bill Lowthert
  • A Proclamation of Homecare and Hospice Month
  • Adoption of a Resolution allowing Mayor Dan Knorr to act as agent on behalf of the Town of Bloomsburg for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act
  • Reports from and approval of payments by the Administrative/Finance Committee
  • Reports from Code Enforcement and Zoning
  • Reports from and Approval of payments by the Public Works Committee

The Full Agenda and supporting documentation can be found on the Town of Bloomsburg Website or Downloaded Directly from this link in PDF Format.

The Bloomsburg Daily will be present to Live Blog the event for those unable to attend in person.

A live blog is “a blog post which is intended to provide a rolling textual coverage of an ongoing event, similar to live television or live radio.” (Wikipedia)

The top of the post will have the most current update and then you will be able to scroll down the page to see all of the previous updates in reverse chronological order.

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  1. Nice, quick meeting. Usually don’t run this short. But what is Bloomsburg paying Pe advertising for??

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