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The Bloomsburg Daily Directory

The Bloomsburg Daily will maintain a page on the web for you that is search engine optimized so those near and far can find you on the web. The Bloomsburg Daily offers listing that are both free and for fee. There are three Directory listing types:

  • The free Directory Listing is simply a page at The Bloomsburg Daily that contains no more than 250 words, lists your primary contact information, and a photograph you supply. Price: Free
  • The Basic Directory Listing allows for up to 1,000 words of text, a more customized layout, photography taken by The Bloomsburg Daily, and links to contact information. Price: $200.00 annually
  • The Social Directory Listing is something that we have been working on for quite some time to create. It is a page at The Bloomsburg Daily that integrates social media elements such as your Facebook stream, Twitter stream, and Yelp reviews right into your page. With this option, you can easily update daily specials or other information by updating your content in Facebook or Twitter and it will automatically change your Social Directory Listing. The integration of all these elements with a customized layout with professional photography can serve as your fully integrated web site. As a member of the Social Directory, The Bloomsburg Daily will also promote you as a TBD Sponsor on the front page of The Bloomsburg Daily. We will also provide you with one sponsored mention on our Facebook page and Twitter stream a month with any specials you’d like to share with all of our followers. Price: 1,200.00 Annually

Advertise with The Bloomsburg Daily

The Bloomsburg Daily is now accepting short and long-term advertising partnerships. Our advertising rates are very competitive and offer a unique way to connect with our local audience. Our packages include managed and sponsored social sharing in addition to traditional on-site advertisement blocks. Various types of advertising is available:

  • Sponsor Banner Boxes provide you with a visible location on the homepage of The Bloomsburg Daily with a link back to your site. Sponsor Banner Boxes are $50.00 per month or $500.00 if purchased for an annual period. Sponsor Banner Boxes are ideal solutions if you want to increase general awareness. In addition to placement on The Bloomsburg Daily website, we will make a sponsored post in Facebook and via our Twitter account once a month mentioning anything you would like to share with our growing audience.
  • Sponsor Pages provide you with an opportunity to maintain a more targeted marketing opportunity. These pages become part of the site for 60 days or until the conclusion of your campaign. These are ideal to promote an event, a position, an new business opening, or other one time event. We will apply advanced search engine optimization to the page and it will be linked from the home page. In addition we will provide links to this page from within our Facebook page and Twitter account. Sponsor Pages are $150.00 per page.

Content Partnerships

The Bloomsburg Daily is always seeking interesting and compelling partnerships. We maintain content partnerships with several companies and organizations to provide a wide and diverse set of news. If you would like to join a growing list of content partners simply contact us at Current content partners include:

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