Rainfall Brings a Chance of Localized Flooding

It had to end sooner or later – our fantastic run of weather over the last week is ending with a storm system moving north from the Florida panhandle and up just inside the East Coast. A few months from now, we would be talking snow, but this will be a classic October rainstorm.

Lately, folks in Columbia County hear rain and immediately wonder if that means flooding. As it appears now, it seems the storm track would focus the heaviest rain to Bloomburg’s west, back into the spine of the Appalachians and western Pennsylvania. This would mean that there is just a chance for localized flooding in heavier periods of rain, as opposed to widespread river flooding. As of Tuesday morning, the Susquehanna River stage at Bloomsburg is just below 5 feet, and is only expected to rise to around 6.5 feet, well below flood stage.

The rain would start very early Wednesday morning, and taper to a more showery rain Wednesday evening. After this, a second shot of rain moves in as a cold front sweeps across the area sometime late Thursday. Our summer-like afternoons that we have been experiencing recently will give way to temperatures more normal for mid October, with highs ranging through the 60s.

After we get the week’s rain out of our hair, it looks to be another nice weekend with a good amount of sun.

Photo by joshwept

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