Potentially Historic Snowstorm a Possibility for Bloomsburg Saturday

The National Weather Service in State College has issued a Winter Storm Warning for all of Columbia County from 2 am-10 pm Saturday due to expected snowfall of 4-8 inches.

The snow should start late tonight/early tomorrow morning, and may be mixed with a bit of rain at the onset. The snow should pick up and possibly become heavy at times tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures during the snow will be right near freezing, so the snow will be the heavy, wet variety.

This raises two fairly serious hazards. First, many trees still have their leaves, and heavy, wet snow will weigh them down since the leaves will help the trees hold the snow better than bare branches. This raises potential for widespread power outages as the large branches collapse under the weight of the snow and bring down power lines. Think of someone pouring wet cement on your outstretched arm, you can hold your arm up no problem. Now, imagine holding a serving tray on your outstretched hand and someone pouring wet cement on the tray – it would be very hard to hold up your arm. Same idea with a tree.

Second, heavy wet snow such as what is expected can be very slippery for drivers. If the snow falls hard enough, it should accumulate on roads. Travel is strongly discouraged tomorrow.

There is the possibility this could be the largest snowstorm to hit Bloomsburg in October; the average snowfall for the entire month of October at the closest official reporting station, Williamsport, is .1 inches. There is, of course, a chance that this potentially historic storm ends up a miss, which would be great for weather-weary Bloomsburg residents.

However, this is a year where Pennsylvania has seen 30 tornadoes, record annual and monthly rainfall, historic floods, earliest accumulating snow at higher elevations in some parts of central Pennsylvania, record July heat, and even an earthquake. A ridiculously early snowstorm would certainly fit in with the rest of those events.

Art Show at the Moose Exchange

Endless Records has presented a range of things in the last year, from rock concerts to bowling parties to experimental film screenings, and now we’re hosting an art show as well. In collaboration with the Stairwell Gallery at the Moose Exchange, we’ve curated an exhibit of local artists recreating and re-imagining favorite album covers. Check it out for yourself at our opening reception tonight, Friday, October 14, 2011, from 6 to 8 PM. Endless Nick of Endless Records will be DJing the event with a choice selection of cover versions from the extensive Endless Records library, and light refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Rainfall Brings a Chance of Localized Flooding

It had to end sooner or later – our fantastic run of weather over the last week is ending with a storm system moving north from the Florida panhandle and up just inside the East Coast. A few months from now, we would be talking snow, but this will be a classic October rainstorm.

Lately, folks in Columbia County hear rain and immediately wonder if that means flooding. As it appears now, it seems the storm track would focus the heaviest rain to Bloomburg’s west, back into the spine of the Appalachians and western Pennsylvania. This would mean that there is just a chance for localized flooding in heavier periods of rain, as opposed to widespread river flooding. As of Tuesday morning, the Susquehanna River stage at Bloomsburg is just below 5 feet, and is only expected to rise to around 6.5 feet, well below flood stage.

The rain would start very early Wednesday morning, and taper to a more showery rain Wednesday evening. After this, a second shot of rain moves in as a cold front sweeps across the area sometime late Thursday. Our summer-like afternoons that we have been experiencing recently will give way to temperatures more normal for mid October, with highs ranging through the 60s.

After we get the week’s rain out of our hair, it looks to be another nice weekend with a good amount of sun.

Photo by joshwept