Paterno Speaks to PSU Students from His Home

Onward State reports tonight that Joe Paterno held an impromptu and informal conversation with about 750 Penn State students gathered outside his home.

Upon returning home from the day’s football practice, Coach Paterno went inside his home and opened his living room window to quietly address the crowd. Talking to the students, Paterno said, “We’re always Penn State.” and “Im proud of you, Im always proud of you.”

He then came out of his house and told those about him, “I’m so happy to see you.” … “Say a prayer for all of the victims and their families.” … “I thank the students for your support.” … “I live for this place. I live for people like you guys and girls.”

YouTube user TDCFootball has posted a video of Coach Paterno emerging from his house and speaking briefly with the gathered crowd.

This report was compiled from tweets and pictures sent out by The Bloomsburg Daily’s content partner Onward State. Please follow Onward State on Twitter.

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