On to the Field

On to the FieldPlease give us the answer and evidence that WE want to hear. That WE need to hear. Please confirm what we are hoping is, but more than likely isn’t. Please say it ain’t so. Did you know? Is there more to this that we do not know? Please tell us that you contacted the authorities and were rebuffed. Please tell us that you followed up with your superiors to inquire why this monster was still allowed access to Penn State University. Please tell us that you went directly to Sandusky and told him what a monster he is. Please tell us that there is more that will be revealed that will exonerate you in the court of public opinion. Please, say it ain’t so!

Please say it ain’t so. The “success with honor,” the Grand Experiment, please say these weren’t all a ruse. You have always been due north on my moral compass, a man who stood firmly at the intersection of honor and integrity. Please say it ain’t so.

Joe, I am a coach because I have been inspired by what you have been able to accomplish. Not the 409 wins or 5 undefeated seasons or 2 national championships. But the moral foundation with which you have always run your program. The way you have used sport to shape the lives of thousands of young men. The fact that you have been able to translate your position as a football coach to have a profound effect on your community.

Your approach has been the core of my belief system. As a coach, my aspirations have always been to help kids become productive, confident adults. That is what I thought your mission has always been. But for all that you have done to shape the lives of thousands of young men, it is what you didn’t do that has had the most profound impact.

There are at least 8 young men out there that are forced to live with the demons of being violated. You could have put a stop to it. You could have ensured that they were safe from this monster. But by all accounts you did nothing. Sure you followed organizational procedure, but you overlooked this situation as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. Please, say it ain’t so.

Today I feel as if I have been betrayed. I am left to reexamine the foundation of what has guided me for over 20 years. My idol, my role model, my standard of excellence wiped out in one major lapse of judgement.

You once said that “success without honor is an unseasoned dish.” Honor is not a principle of convenience. You either have it or you don’t. The moral code you live by must guide each and every decision you make and action you take. If you did not feel an obligation to push this issue any further, it leaves me to wonder what else you washed your hands of during your tenure at Penn State University.

Please, say it ain’t so.

Originally from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Kevin Primerano now resides in Medford, Oregon with his wife Sarah and sons, Rocco and Giovanni. Kevin is the Director of Coaching for the Rogue Valley Soccer Club. He also serves on the Oregon Youth Soccer Instructional staff as well as being the Regional Director for the Portland Timbers Southern Oregon Center of Excellence. Kevin is a lifelong Penn Sate Football fan.

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