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Sunday Slowdown: How Many of These Things Do You Say?

Bloomsburg FountainI’ve seen this video crop up a few times and while I find it amusing, I wonder just how accurate it is for all of NEPA. For example, I know the waitress at the Texas always used to ask “Are youse together,” but I don’t ever recall hearing anyone around our parts saying “Heyna.” Instead they would use “Hain’t” or, my Grandmother sometimes even says “Henna or no.”

So sit back, put your feet up on da davenport, make sure youse got fresh batt-trees in da remote control, pop open a couple two tree yuenglings, and enjoy enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Slowdown: How Many of These Things Do You Say?

  1. I say some of these things, but not as much these days. One thing I do catch myself saying quite a bit is, “bolth” … you know, instead of both. Seems NEPA folks seem to add the letter “L” in there.

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