FEMA Working to Deliver Trailers

Getting Ready for Trailers

Slightly over two months have passed since the historic flooding of Tropical Storm Lee pounded the Bloomsburg area. In the wake of the disaster, the need to find homes for hundreds of displaced people has taken center stage. The number of rental properties and existing homes for sale pales in comparison to the overall need. FEMA has been working in 14 hour shifts to be ready in time for Thanksgiving at Stony Brook Circle near Lightstreet. The long awaited trailers will allow flood victims who qualify to live in them rent-free for up to 18 months. That is very welcomed news as the holidays approach. FEMA is reportedly placing 20 of the trailers. William Todd Heiss set out today to see the progress for himself and shares the images below.

One thought on “FEMA Working to Deliver Trailers”

  1. It is wonderful that homes are becoming available for those who lost theirs in the flood, but the people that already live there are having issues with their water and power due to the construction work. Friend of mine hasn’t had water for a shower for several days. I hope that will be cleared up tomorrow and be a non issue from now on!

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