FEMA Trailer

FEMA Trailers Arriving and Moving into Place

Stony Brook Circle has been busy getting ready for FEMA trailers to arrive. Two trailers have already been placed on empty lots between other homes on Pebble Lane and Rotary Street, four sites are ready on Finch Street, and the rest are being placed at the top of the court off of Brook Lane and Country Land.

The typical FEMA trailer consists of a master bedroom with a standard size bed, a living area with kitchen and stove, bunk beds, and a bathroom with shower. Each trailer is equipped with electricity, air conditioning, indoor heating, running cold and hot water, a propane-operated stove and oven, a small microwave oven, a large refrigerator, and a few pieces other pieces of furniture, including a mattress, a small dining table and chairs. Each trailer is elevated about two feet above the ground, on concrete supports on a prepared level site and is accessible through a wooden or aluminum stairwell or ramp.

The construction has caused a few problems including the loss of water twice due to pipes being struck and causing air to enter the system and road issues from the heavy construction traffic. FEMA trucked in water to replenish the system after it drained completely and is expected to repair any damage caused to roads and landscape.

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