When I was in college I would come home for the Thanksgiving break and get to see all my high school friends. Most of them had gone off the school, but the Thanksgiving weekend was a chance to come home, spend time with family, and get together with the friends that matter the most. Typically I’d get in on Thursday morning and spend the whole day with my parents and sister as the house filled with the smell of Thanksgiving dinner. I think you know the drill all to well — eat until you can barely move and then fall asleep.

Friday was always a day filled with friends. We’d typically get up and try to find a gym to play some basketball in and then grab some lunch. When we all turned 21 the ritual changed and we would eat lunch and have a beer. Typically that place was the Paddock. Nothing quite like Paddock pizza and few pitchers to round out the Holiday. With that in mind, we though it would be fun to ask The Bloomsburg Daily’s photographer, Bob Rush, to see if he could capture some images of a few of our favorite watering holes. Who know, it might inspire you to call up some old friends and find a place to sit down and share a pitcher and old stories!

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