The Bloomsburg Daily is a hyperlocal news and information website about Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. It is a volunteer community journalism project that seeks to inform and engage area residents using a wide range of local voices. Our inspiration, the original Bloomsburg Daily, was the first daily newspaper published in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. It began publication on February 1, 1892 and continued in existence under that name until July 30, 1908.

When The Bloomsburg Daily began printing in 1892, there was very little information available to the wider community beyond word of mouth stories and gossip. Rural residents were cut off from the information and news shared readily on Main Street. In that spirit, we seek to inform both the community in Bloomsburg and beyond. We seek to open a new dialogue between residents and students, natives and non-natives, those who live in Bloomsburg and those who have moved away. We seek to have conversations about the issues in a way that moves us forward.

We hope to provide a new voice for Bloomsburg — a voice that is not singular, but instead one that is community-driven. In that spirit, we want to hear your voice. Please contact us with your story ideas, comments, and criticisms. Comment and discuss here on the site. Start conversations at The Bloomsburg Daily on Facebook or talk with us via Twitter @bloomsburgdaily. Get involved in the news of our community.

Publisher and Primary Contact: Cole W. Camplese, info@thebloomsburgdaily.com

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