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The Bloomsburg Daily Charity Challenge

5k RunnersAs we continue to explore stories of the things happening in our town, we are discovering the ongoing opportunities to get involved and help those affected by the flood. November brings a number of great opportunities to get involved and support the rebuilding efforts happening all over town. The Bloomsburg Daily has decided that we are getting involved in three specific charity events and we would like to challenge the community to join us. We are hoping to see businesses in and around Bloomsburg match our small contributions to three specific charity events that The Bloomsburg Daily is participating in.

On November 12, 2011 is the Run to Rebuild 5K Run and Walk. We are sponsoring a team of ten for $50.00 and would like to ask other local businesses to match the donation and recruit a team of ten to join. It is a fun and healthy way to get together and support a great cause. All proceeds will go toward the Columbia County Volunteer Organization for Disaster Relief (CCVODR). Get ten of your friends to walk or run the race and we will have the chance to meet and greet everyone!

Later in the month is the North Pole Express train ride on November 26th and 27th. Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc. is allowing flood victims to ride for free if a business provides sponsorship for $10.00 a ticket. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Chamber of Commerce. The Bloomsburg Daily is buying ten tickets to support ten people, hopefully enough for two families to enjoy this great event. Again, we are challenging local businesses to match our donation and help a local family enjoy a train ride on the Saturday or Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Finally, we are donating $25.00 to help Santa repair his cottage. As you read in The Bloomsburg Daily yesterday, Santa’s cottage was severely damaged and is in need of repairs. Why not match our gift for the Big Guy?

As an added bonus for matching The Bloomsburg Daily, we are offering a free month of advertising and a huge thank you right here on the site. What better way to test out the exposure we can provide by donating a small amount of money to help! To get involved, just send us an email at info@thebloomsburgdaily and we can verify your donation and get your logo on the site. Our team will even make sure your logo fits our site’s look.

Eric Sorg of Roto-Rooter in Bloomsburg was our first matching partner essentially allowing us to double our impact. Please consider joining us to help support two great causes which aid not only our town, but the people most affected. If you add it all up, we are hoping local businesses can help by sharing $175.00 across these three charitable events in need of timely donations.

If you would like to join us in this challenge, drop us an email at info@thebloomsburgdaily.com and we will be sure to add your name to our list and help you get your donation into the right hands.

Meet The Bloomsburg Daily Run to Rebuild 5K Team

  • Todd Heiss – Captain
  • Debbie Perkins
  • Leighnah Perkins
  • Willow Perkins
  • Derek Gittler
  • Kristin Camplese
  • Madeline Camplese
  • Cole Camplese

Photo credit, irunflint

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  1. Only a few more days to go. Why not come out and support Team The Bloomsburg Daily and the rest of the participants. See you Saturday.

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