The View From Here: Halloween Window Painting

A tradition that stretches as far back as I can remember is the annual painting of store front windows along Main Street. This happens each year prior to Halloween by Bloomsburg High School students. When I was a BHS student back in the late 1980’s I remember being allowed to walk up town to find the assigned window that my team and I were to paint. The rules were fairly simple, paint only your assigned window with a Halloween theme and try not to offend anyone. If I recall correctly, Mr. Bonham, the Art Teacher at BHS, told us to, “not paint anything you wouldn’t want your Grandmother to see.” Simple and effective. We thought it would be a great thing to ask The Bloomsburg Daily Photographer, Bob Rush to capture and share a selection of the paintings along Main Street as we approach Halloween. Enjoy and get ready for this weekend’s Remember When piece that will take us back to Bloomsburg Halloweens of the past!