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Bloomsburg Town Council Meeting Live Blog – 12 December

10:14 Town Council Council Adjourns into Executive Session.

10:12 Council approved funds for electrical repair at the Town Park, and Fencing along 487 at the Airport due to damage caused by flooding.

10:05 Public Works Committee Recommends that for the Restoom and Streater Park improvement projects, the professional services project contracts with HRG, Inc. be terminated and enter into contract with the Larson Design Group
for the professional services, at an additional cost of approximately $3,000.

10:00 Recycling Center summary and approval to purchase a forklift for the facility submitted and approved.

9:55 – Rezoning requests by Donald & Kay Camplese, David & Mary Hill, and Gaylen & Trudy Garrish are recommended to be denied. Council informed of the denial of the rezoning request and a hearing on the rezoning denial is set for Monday, 30 January. The hearings for all 3 requests will occur consecutively and notices will be sent to the applicants.

9:51 – NAM Futures, Recommendation to approve a pre-planning authorization to demolish the First Columbia structure at 1010 S. Market St. Motion made by Council Member Kreisher, Seconded by Kinney and passes unanimously.

9:50 – Connection looks Stable again, Blogging the second half of the meeting.

9:40 – 10 Minute Recess.

8:30 -Connection still in and out.

8:15 Connection Issues Resolved. Blog Continues Live. Discussion on Skate Park will be added after the meeting adjourns.

7:30 Also recommended by Mayor Knorr is that the 3-5AM parking ban in municipal lots be repealed. He feels that the police could be better used at that time of the morning rather than be involved in parking enforcement.

7:28 Mayor Knorr recommending that Permit parking enforcement changed from 9AM-5PM (Currently enforced from 8AM-5PM) to bring it into line with meter enforcement.

7:25 Mayor Knorr Discussing changes to parking permits, minor or no changes to Zones A-D. Mayor Knorr Recommending that Zone E near BTE/Allure exclusively metered parking with a reduction to 47 spaces sold. (Currently 82 permits are sold for the area)

7:22 Council Member appointed to Columbia County Tax Collection Committee. Members are allocated among County townships and boroughs based on population. If council members are not available for the meeting, the Town administrator will serve as the alternate.

7:21 2% pay increase for Non-Union employees for 2012 with one month health care premium contribution continuing approved.

7:19 Athletic Printing, Hazelton Oil, Earthlink, and Moore Tire Sales added to the 2011 Vendor list.

7:17 Administrative and Finance Committee requests for approval of monthly bills approved without objection.

7:16 Minutes for Police, Highway, Sanitary & Sewer approved without opposition.

7:15 First Agenda item, accepting the Dedication of Streets in the Sun View Terrace become streets of the Town of Bloomsburg. Motion by Council Member Kinney, Second by Levan to approve. Motion passes unanimously.

7:07 Mr. Helbok also expressed concern about traffic safety up and down Main St. and the issue was referred to the Public Safety committee

7:05 Mayor Knorr speaks about traffic safety in general in the town, expressing his wish that the town should look into visible countdown timers so pedestrian can see how much time is left to cross.

7:03 Oren Helbok, East 5th St, recognized and speaks about his concern about traffic on Main Street and Pedestrian safety, specifically on West Main where both pedestrians and motorists are ignoring signs with people crossing where they are not supposed to and cars traveling too fast.

7:02 Meeting called to Order. Citizens to be heard called.

6:55 All Set up and ready for the meeting.

Refresh this page in your web browser, beginning at 7:00pm tonight, Monday, Dec. 12th to follow the Town Council meeting live.

The Bloomsburg Daily will be present to Live Blog the event for those unable to attend in person.

A live blog is “a blog post which is intended to provide a rolling textual coverage of an ongoing event, similar to live television or live radio.” (Wikipedia)

The top of the post will have the most current update and then you will be able to scroll down the page to see all of the previous updates in reverse chronological order.

The Agenda may be downloaded directly from the Town of Bloomsburg’s website.

The tentative agenda includes:

Approval of Monthly Reports:

  • Police Department Report
  • Police Officer Report
  • Police Vehicle Fuel Milage Report
  • Highway and Sewer Monthly Reports

Report of the Administrative & Finance Committee minutes and payments, Including:

  • Approval of Various Monthly Bills
  • Recommendation to Approve a 2% Pay increase for Non-Union Employees
  • Discussion of Downtown parking changes for January-June
  • Skateboard Park Discussion

Code Enforcement & Zoning Officer’s Reports, Including:

  • Approval of HARB Minutes and various Certificates of Appropriateness
  • Recommendation to Approve a Pre-Planning Authorization for First Columbia Bank & Trust
  • Recommendation to Deny re-Zoning requests of Donald & Kay Camplese, of David and Mary Hill, and of Gaylen & Trudy Garrish

    Report of the Environment Committee, including the monthly summaries and approval of forklift purchase

    Report of the Public Works Committee, including approval of terminating professional services agreement with HRG, Inc.for Restroom reconstruction and Streater Park Improvements, and approving instead service proposals from Larson Design Group.

    Public Safety Committee minutes.

    Reports of the Town Solicitor, Fire Department, Community & Economic Development Committee, Airport Advisory Committee, and Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc.

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